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Züritüütsch isch aifach schön - Zurich German is simply beautiful

Züritüütsch isch aifach schön - Zurich German is simply beautiful

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Language book based on children's songs

Swiss German with German and English translations

Additional download: Transcription and translations of the introductory stories read by Trudi Gerster from the album "De dopplet Geburtstag"

Developed and produced in conjunction with Schtärneföifi, Switzerland's most popular music group for children, this book makes learning Swiss German child’s play!

Since children's songs are generally not very complex from a grammatical standpoint they make it easy to learn some basic words and phrases. The repetition of phrases in the songs also helps to make learning the language an almost automatic process.

For each song of the first four albums the book provides:

  • A transcription of the Swiss German lyrics
  • Translations into German
  • Translation into English
  • Notes that highlight interesting cultural references and explain unusual words and phrases that are used in everyday speech but that do not appear in any dictionary

In addition, the book sets out the major differences between Swiss German and German and provides vocabulary lists allowing you to review frequently used Swiss German words.

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